Monday, May 10, 2010

New Character, Opposite Faction!

Children's week has come and gone, I sold about 40 Delicious Chocolate Cakes for between 50 and 100g each. I also sold plenty of stacks of 3 mageroyal for 27g per stack and stacks of 8 small eggs as well.

I took the opportunity to create a new character (skinning/enchanting) on the opposite faction during the holiday, as it was the best time (in my opinion) to create a new horde character. This is because small eggs are easily gathered by new blood elf characters, and last week they were selling for gold, which is very nice as starter income on a new faction. (Yes, I could simply use my new character to list an item on the neutral auction house and purchase the auction with another account, but why not earn it with my new character?) I didn't farm the eggs for very long, and I didn't create the new character until the last two days of the event, when prices had dropped a little, but I was able to make about 133g selling the small eggs and the leather I skinned.

With that starter gold, I placed bids on all uncommon (green) items with a bid of less than 30s. I won quite a few auctions, and my enchanting skill is now at level 49 or 50, purely from disenchanting. Because enchanting mats cost nothing to post, I will continue to repost the strange dust for 1g each until it sells... if the horde side is anything like the alliance side, it shouldn't take long. I also used auctioneer to scan for deals, and placed bids on low priced items I know will sell, such as ore, leather, and even a couple of pristine black diamonds (I bid 50g each on them, I'm pretty sure that won't be enough to win them, but who knows, I might get lucky!) For those of you who don't know, Pristine Black Diamonds are used in the feat of strength "Insane in the Membrane".

My new blood elf paladin is now level 11. My plan is to level with quests until level 15, then use the LFD tool to level from there (if you haven't experienced it yet, try leveling as a tank. The que times are awesome). I also bought my death knight epic flight skill... not sure why, as I don't really farm ore often, if at all. However, he did hit lvl 70, and I had the gold, so...

Oh, and here's an idea for the ultimate gold sink: pay 1,000g to gain a level. Enough gold might evaporate out of the economy to combat the inflation that BC and WotLK brought with them. Just a thought.

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