Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still Chugging Away

My horde paladin is still chugging away, level 47 now. I've got a little more than 180k gold, 4 thousand of which is on the horde side (not bad for a level 47, huh?). Some of that gold was obtained by killing the Dalaran Spellscribe a few times in hopes of him dropping Cat Carrier (Black Tabby), an idea I got from JMTC. I sold two already for 750g each on the horde auction house... I should probably try to list the other ones I have for more on the neutral AH, as the alliance cannot obtain this item themselves.

I also completed a nobles deck at a cost of 852g, though I haven't sold it yet. I am still buying bargain green items and disenchanting them to sell the mats on the auction house, and I have started placing select low level enchants on vellums and listing them on the auction house, including fiery weapon and lifestealing.

In addition to hitting the gold cap before the Cataclysm release date (I shouldn't have too much trouble doing that), I'd like to have each profession maxed on one of my alliance characters and then begin trying to automate things... that is my end goal, to have gold flow in with as little effort as possible. Up front, this is taking a lot of time, but that's ok as I like trying new things (healing low level dungeons on my druid, for example). So for now, I'm going to be leveling and setting the framework for the next expansion... if I have any readers yet, it will be slow for a while, but expect things to pick up as Cataclysm approaches. Oh, and comments would be welcome, I'm beginning to think I'm the only one who visits this site.

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  1. Hey Krust,

    Noticed you haven't posted for a while..... how's the Pally coming along?

    Anyway...thought I'd better leave a comment since I enjoy your blog!!!

    Keep up the good blog.