Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rituals of the New Moon

Again, I have to begin by giving credit where credit is due. I already had the recipe for Rituals of the New Moon, but I learned how to sell them in this blog post. Technique: Rituals of the New Moon drops from Silverbrook Hunter in Grizzly Hills. You must have inscription for one to drop, which is why the drop rate looks so low (every time someone without inscription kills one of these guys and the recipe doesn't drop, it causes the drop rate reported on wowhead and similar sites to decrease).

I encourage you to go to Haora's blog post to read why this works, but basically I copy pasted the tell he was using and made it into a macro (look at the third comment on that article to see how I made a macro that linked an item). This item costs 30 to 50 gold to make, and I have been selling them for upwards of 250 (I sold one for 500!). I don't want to saturate the market, so I have been selling one per day.

The next step is to start posting one of each color in the auction house for 499g each, to manage the expectations of those who use auctioneer or some other addon that monitors auction house prices. The auction house fee is minimal, and who knows, some of them might sell :)

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