Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gold Wins

Whew! I played my horde paladin quite a bit on my days off, and he is now level 30. I bought 6 bank tabs for the guild I made for my alliance characters, and I had spent 5k more on my dk's epic flight skill, but I still have about 168k gold right now. I could have made more, but I was ignoring my alliance characters while I leveled my paladin.

Speaking of my paladin, I placed a bid for an Ace of Nobles that had a bid price of 1g 30s and a buyout of around 1000g. I figured for sure someone would outbid me, but the auction house hawks must not have been paying attention that day, because I actually won the auction! I checked the auction house, and found several other nobles cards for 40-50g each, so I decided to put together a deck. I currently have 5 of the 8 cards, each purchased for less than 100g, and I have a bid on another card that I need for 101g 50s. If I win that auction, I will only need two more cards for a full deck!

Not including the Ace of Nobles (I haven't actually realized a profit on that yet), I had two gold wins on the auction house. The first came from when I needed a silver rod to continue leveling enchanting, so I checked the auction house. There were none listed, so I bought 6 silver bars for 6g each and also the mats to make the grinding stones needed to make silver rods. I found a blacksmith by hanging out at the blacksmith trainer in dalaran. I had the blacksmith make me 6 silver rods. I used one and put another on the AH for 99g, and it sold! There are some cheap ones on the auction house now, but I will keep an eye out for when there are no silver rods on the auction house and list the others I had made then. The other gold win I had was finding 4 stacks of dream shards listed for 19g per stack. I bought out all 80 dream shards, spending 76g, and promptly relisted them as singles for 4g each. Every single one sold! Sweet!

I'm still buying cheap greens from the auction house and disenchanting them to sell the mats on the auction house, though I seem to be accumulating the materials faster than they are selling. I still say this is a great way to earn starting gold on a new server, but with the way my bank is filling up, I may need to stop buying for a while and just sell off the mats I already have.

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