Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Cake Is Not A Lie!

Those of you out there who cook and have done the daily cooking quests, check to see if you can cook Delicious Chocolate Cake. If not, there are two cooking quests available each day (BC and Northrend), and you have until May 2 to get the recipe. Why May 2? Here's why: For The Children requires Bad Example, which requires you to eat a Delicious Chocolate Cake while your orphan is watching. The drop rate for this recipe is something like 1%, so if you don't have it yet you would need to get lucky to get it in time for the event.

The ingredients for the cake are 8 small eggs, 3 mageroyal, and some vendor bought items. The best place to farm small eggs is just south of Silvermoon City, from the red dragon looking creatures.

Even if you don't have the recipe, if you farm the mats to make a bunch of the cakes, you can find someone who has the recipe and tip them to craft the cakes for you, which you can then sell on the auction house on May 2 for a tidy profit. I think that 100g per cake is not unrealistic, if you have them ready and on the auction house the day the event starts. Worth farming the mats, I'd say!

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  1. I am going to give this a try. I think I got this recipe drop last week and I could not remember what event this was for. 100g per cake sounds pretty high though. I hope that you are going to report your results.

    Thanks for the reminder and now to look for your FelSteel Spike update...

    WeekendWarrior (A blacksmith who will cook if that is what it takes to make some gold)