Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just What We Need, Another Gold Blog!

Thank you for visiting my brand new WoW gold blog. First, I'd like to thank the existing bloggers who inspired me both to attempt to reach the gold cap and to start my own blog: Markco, Gevlon, Tella, and BigJimm & Zekta Chan. If you're interested in learning ways to make more gold in less time, with less effort, I highly recommend you click each of the above links and take a long look at what these sites have to offer... they've put a lot of effort into their blogs and it shows.

I recently read these posts by BigJimm and Markco, respectively. The author of the first post writes about how difficult it is to write a gold blog, when basically every good gold making idea has already been covered in Markco's blog or in his forums. Markco responded to that article with a post on his own blog, encouraging BigJimm and all WoW gold bloggers to keep blogging, and to set our sights high, not worrying about if it has been said before or not, but mainly just to keep blogging and to have fun doing it. (I paraphrased slightly, but that's the gist).

I've been thinking about starting a WoW gold blog for several weeks, but I hadn't gotten around to it, partially due to exactly what BigJimm was writing about in his post. I am pretty good at making gold in World of Warcraft, but many of my methods were adapted from the blogs I linked in the first paragraph; I was worried I wouldn't be able to find topics to write about that hadn't already been discussed to death.

Enter Markco's post. The part that hit me strongest was where he wrote, "Perhaps you, the person reading this load of hot air I call a post, are going to be the next big wow blogger." I think that bit of encouragement from a blogger whose site has taught me so much gave me the push I needed to go and figure out how to create a blog (it was easier than I thought).

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