Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gold From Blacksmithing - No Professions Needed!

When I was leveling enchanting, I needed an Eternium Rod. The same is true of all leveling enchanters. Silver Rods and Gold Rods are taught by the blacksmith trainers, so nearly every blacksmith has the recipe. The Eternium Rod recipe, though, can only be learned using Plans: Eternium Rod, which is a rare spawn on either Mari Stonehand for Alliance or Rohok for Horde. For this reason, few blacksmiths have the recipe and there is not as much competition on the auction house for Eternium Rods. The plans sell for 12 gold, and if someone else bought them recently, you might end up having to log off and play another character, checking back periodically (For this reason, rare spawns are best camped with a character you don't want to be playing).

Eternium Ore is generally very cheap, so what I did was buy the plans, and enough ore to make 10 Eternium Rods (depending on your bag space situation, you may want to buy enough ore to make many more rods... if you aren't a blacksmith, you will have to repurchase the plans and find another blacksmith when you run out of rods to sell.) Then just advertise in trade chat, "Looking for a character with [both] high level [mining and] blacksmithing, tipping [whatever you think is a fair tip], pst." (If you have a miner or eternium bars are cheap on your auction house, you only need the other player to be a blacksmith.) Meet the miner/blacksmith at an anvil, ask them if they can make Eternium Rods (if they can't, give them the plans you bought earlier), give them the ore and ask them to make you 10 (or more, if you like) Eternium Rods. Of course, check the auction house to find the price of eternium rods before you do this, but on my server I was able to sell the rods for 50 to 100 gold each, posting one at a time and selling about one a day, with little competition, and without needing to have mining or blacksmithing as a profession!

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