Friday, March 26, 2010

An Update

Right now I am in the midst of building myself a solid profession base, and have been spending my recent profits leveling my new crafting professions. Blacksmithing is now at 445, I haven't looked into what I can make at 450 or if it would be profitable to get those last 5 skill ups. (Maybe a blacksmith could comment.) I plan on dropping enchanting on my warlock eventually, as I would rather have that profession on the paladin I am leveling right now... the better to solo low level instances with (I can solo what I need to on my lock, I just think it would be faster and more fun to be able to pull half of a low level dungeon at once with a prot pally). I'll then take up tailoring with the lock. I keep hearing that bags are a good gold source, it's about time I stopped buying and started selling!

In other news, the engineering pets have started selling... and possibly as a result of me posting all 80 pets on patch day for 499 gold each, everyone's auctioneer seems to think that 300g is a deal. I'm not sure what other realms look like, but I've sold several of these pets for over 300g. I also got the yeti recipe, but haven't had time to make any yet.

Oh, and glyphs are back to normal :)

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