Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Arcanite Bars

Here is a quick wow gold tip for those of you with Alchemy (especially transmute spec): Arcanite Bars. Alchemists can transmute an arcanite bar from one Thorium Bar and one Arcane Crystal. Making these will not use up your daily epic gem transmute, as there is no cooldown on transmuting arcanite bars. Market prices will be different on different servers, but on my server, if I pay attention, occasionally I can snag both Thorium Ore and Arcane Crystal for 1 gold each (one thorium ore smelts into a thorium bar, requires mining).

That means I'm paying 2 gold per arcanite bar (less actually, because my alchemist is transmute spec). I'm not sure who I'm selling to (maybe people smelting Elementium Bars to craft Thunderfury) but the arcanite bars sell regularly for between 9 to 14 gold each. Not mind blowing profit, but worth keeping a stack on one of my auction house alts and setting up a QA3 group so they post with minimal effort on my part.


  1. pay a BS to craft acanite rods. they sell for around 100g and mat cost is around 30g

  2. you are selling those arcanite bars to people levelling alchemy.

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